A Certified B-Corp Organization

Cascade Engineering is a Certified B Corporation

Our parent organization Cascade Engineering is a certified “B” Corporation.  The “B” Corporation designation identifies companies that use the power of business to positively impact social and environmental change. Cascade Engineering is one of the largest certified “B” Corporations in the world along with more than 800 companies that have received this designation.

For Cascade Engineering, this certification represents an affirmation of over a decade’s worth of work creating a corporate culture and strategy focused on sustainability and our commitment to the Triple Bottom Line philosophy.

Meet Our Team

James Cornell - IWS Vice President of Sales
James Cornell
Vice President of Sales
Collette Andrews - IWS Regional Sales Manager
Collette Andrews
Regional Sales Manager
Cary Krix - Regional Sales Manager for IWS
Cary Krix
Regional Sales Manager
Sara Aviles - Human Resources Manager
Sara Aviles
Human Resources Manager
Chad Christian, CAM, CAPS, NAAEI Faculty
Chad Christian
Regional Sales Manager