Triple Bottom Line

Cascade Engineering Triple Bottom Line Report

At Cascade Engineering, we define sustainability as the Triple Bottom Line – Social Capital, Environmental Capital and Financial Capital.

We think of the concept of sustainability, as the three interconnected gears in motion. Each category – is an interdependent, innovation-enabling mechanism. The three gears (Social, Environmental and Financial) cannot exist independently; each in turn, provides momentum and innovative thought to the next. To drive one forward is to drive all three forward; the result is a sustainable system where innovation begets innovation.

Our annual TBL Report serves as a documenting mechanism for all sustainability efforts throughout our organization, and illustrates our achievements in this arena with examples of new products, business units and operational improvements. We welcome you to explore our progress toward the implementation of a sustainable strategy.

Social Capital

At Cascade Engineering we believe that simply taking care of our own business is no longer sufficient, but rather we must address the component of taking care of the greater good. From the beginning, our purpose has always been to demonstrate how sustainability can be a powerful vehicle for societal change and have a clear business purpose as well.

Cascade has pioneered various programs over the years that positively impact society and benefit our company at the same time. Programs such as Welfare to Career, Anti-Racism Awareness, and Re-Entry Employment Resource Center have been a tremendous asset in helping the greater community and in allowing our internal culture to embrace diversity and support people with respect and dignity.

Environmental Capital

Cascade Engineering has made great strides toward developing and launching products that reduce the impact on our environment. Today, we have a global energy market in which energy is a limited resource, and as oil consumption goes up, so does demand for all other fuel sources. The result is that increased demand for energy impacts feedstock and subsequently the cost of materials we use. The innovation lies in finding ways to reduce our energy impact which not only gives us bottom-line results but also contributes to reducing overall demand, thereby minimizing our environmental footprint.

Cascade strives to build a sustainable organization and is committed to protecting the environment by continuously reducing waste emissions into the air, land and water. We manage environmental progress and initiatives through our Environmental Management System (EMS) which is accredited to ISO 14001 Standards.

Financial Capital

Economic Capital is the final gear in the Triple Bottom Line, and the beneficiary of the other two gears, social and environmental. The economic gear allows our company to thrive and gives us the ability to reinvest in the other two capitals so we can continue the cycle.

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James Cornell - IWS Vice President of Sales
James Cornell
Vice President of Sales
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Collette Andrews
Regional Sales Manager
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Cary Krix
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Sara Aviles
Human Resources Manager
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Chad Christian
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